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Two+ Years Later…

I just saw that my last published post was in August of 2019…4 months before my world imploded, and 7 months before the world imploded. I tried to write something last December after the year anniversary of my best friend’s death, but I just wasn’t ready. And, honestly, I don’t know if I’m ready now.… Continue reading Two+ Years Later…

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Northern NV Pride-We Are Allies

I wrote this for my local moms blog and thought I would share it on my personal blog as well! Across the nation, Pride month usually takes place in June, but here in Northern Nevada our pride month takes place in July because it is part of our Artown program! I’m in love with Artown… Continue reading Northern NV Pride-We Are Allies

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Contemplating Life, God, Universe, ALL THE THINGS

Not sure what has been in the air lately, but I know that I am dealing with a lot of heavy things and a lot of other people around me are as well. It has definitely made me sit and think and contemplate crazy existential things over these last few months. All of us are… Continue reading Contemplating Life, God, Universe, ALL THE THINGS